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Call for donations to restore the crypt

We ask for your donations for the restoration of the frescoes and paintings in the crypt of the Notre Dame de la Dormition church. These frescoes and paintings on wood were damaged as a result of water infiltration into the crypt. Major work to insulate the crypt, and to drain rainwater around the church, helped solve the water infiltration problems. It now remains to restore the damaged frescoes and paintings.

Click on the video to see the appeal of Monsignor Jean de Doubna, metropolitan leader of the archbishopric of the churches of Russian tradition in Western Europe. The conservative restorer of painted works, anticipated for the carrying out the work with a team of five other restorers, explains why this work is urgent and essential and presents the provisional timetable for their realization (if we arrive to raise the necessary funds).

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Even the smallest donations are welcome.

Make a tax-deductible donation (French residents)

Donations to the Orthodox Religious Association of the Church of Notre Dame De l'Assomption in Sainte Geneviève Des Bois opens the right to a tax reduction because it meets the general conditions provided for in articles 200, 238 bis and 978 of the French General Tax Code.

Individuals who are French residents: You can benefit from a tax deduction equal to 66% of the amount of your donation, within the limit 20% of your taxable income. If you are liable for real estate wealth tax, you benefit from a reduction in your IFI equal to 75% of the amount of your donation, up to a limit of 50,000 euros. Please note that the fraction of the donation that gave rise to an IFI reduction cannot at the same time be eligible for an IR reduction. When the donation is eligible for both devices, the donor can choose one or the other or decide to ventilate his donation.

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To bequeath to the Church of Our Lady of the Dormition is to give it the material resources in the future to continue his mission of evangelization, education, charity, prayer. Considering a legacy is one way of opening up to a possible sharing to which Christ has called us. It is also a last way to continue to do good, as we have done throughout our lives, a last donation, an even stronger donation. They are essential for the material life of the Church and for being able to develop new projects.

In the absence of a child, you can dispose of all of your property. Otherwise, part of your assets must be returned to them: This part constitutes Reserve. Conversely, you can freely dispose of the rest: the available portion. Thus, if you have a child, the available quota is 1/2, if you have two children, it is 1/3 and if you have three or more children, the available portion is only 1/4 of your estate. In the absence of a child, your spouse is reserving a quarter of your estate.