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Resumption of funeral concessions

It is a painful but necessary administrative procedure. Remember to control your concessions to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Indeed, decrees are in preparation for the resumption of burials that have expired for more than two years in the municipal cemetery. The families concerned by these takeovers will have to proceed to the renewal in these two years. After this time, the municipality will proceed with the exhumation of the mortal remains. These will be collected then cremated and scattered in the garden of remembrance.

We draw your attention to these concession renewal procedures because when the title holders are transferred, the rights holders are not always mentioned in the files. Also to assert inheritance rights, you will need to produce: proof of civil status specifying your relationship with the holder, proof of address and the list of other beneficiaries. This information also applies to current concessions. Updating titles is always possible and sometimes avoids a lot of inconvenience.

For all these procedures:

General Affairs Department, Cemetery Sector, Annex Town Hall, Rue Emile Kahn, tel.: +331 69 46 80 72