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General Alexeev's military square

This square, delimited by blue bars, includes a small chapel in memory of General Alexeev. This general, born on November 3, 1857 in the government of Tver (Russia) and died on September 25, 1918 of a heart problem in Ekaterinodar (Russia), is a Russian soldier. He was an officer before and during the First World War and one of the leaders of the anti-Bolshevik White armies during the Russian Civil War from 1917 to 1918. During the revolution, Alekseyev used his influence with the other commanders-in-chief to convince the Tsar to abdicate in March 1917 and thus save the monarchy. After the October Revolution, he was one of the founders of counter-revolutionary organizations calling to fight the Bolsheviks and the Germans. He took part in the Kuban campaigns of the volunteer army and became its commander-in-chief. General Alexeev is buried in Belgrade in Serbia where his body was transferred to prevent his tomb from being desecrated.

After his death, his name was given to a unit of volunteers he had formed in December 1917, which became General Alexeev's division.

There are 15 tombs in this square numbered 3394 to 3398, 5346 to 5350 and 5363 to 5367.